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We not just make signboards.
We make an impact.

Heard of the phrase, “First impression counts”? 
Start creating an impact! Signboards are the main attraction of your business, be it a retail store or an office.
What you portray on your signboard will speak a lot about the company.

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Why do you need a signboard?

  • Advertisement – The reason why people want to advertise, is because they want to pull people to buy their products or services.
    In other terms, laying a mouse trap or having an attractive signboard.
    The first step to advertising through media communication is to inform and then to persuade when they are in it.
  • Identity – One of the things small businesses do not get to see is having an outstanding signboard, especially in this competitive market. 

How can a good signboard help in your business?

  • Company branding – The sign itself will speak a lot about the company.
  • Eye catching – Signs that are eye catching tend to attract more attention and are the main reason why people want to walk into your retail shop.
  • Unique – Stand out! Make your brand stand out from competitors. 

Types of Signboard


3D Signage

3D Signages provides a sophisticated appearance making your shop front instantly look more professional and creating a significant impact to your marketing strategy.


Acrylic Sinage

Most commonly used in view of its cost efficiency, Acrylic Signs can be highly customised in different thickness and spray painted in gloss or matte finish.


Backlit Signage

Backlit Signs are illuminated internally, from the back, which creates a shadow effect to the wall, soothing on the eyes, and easy to read. Bright signage will surely draw attention and enhance your visibility for the best impact.


Frontlit Signage

Frontlit Signs are the most attractive one out of the rest, illuminated at the front with eye catching LED modules making them stand out while competing in a busy district.



Lightbox, most popular in Singapore context especially in shop houses, typical coffee shops for its sleek and elegant look. Can be easily maintained.


LED Signage

LED Signs are basically any signboard that are illuminated with LED modules or tubes. Best known for their durability and long lasting performance.



Neon Signs deliver a pleasant and amazing effect to the eyes as they glow, rather than lighting up which are very attractive. Can be personalised with variety of colours.

Retail Signages

Retail Signages is the main reason any new customer is walking into your shop as it will be the visual representation and first impression to direct the flow of customer traffic.

Large format printing

Vinyl Sticker Signs

Start your promotions with stickers! Also known for commercial use and decorations to advertise a brand on a vehicle, a store window, or a coffee shop.


Don’t know what is suitable for your business?
Contact our professionals, free consultation and site survey.
Feel and see the samples, before making the decision.
We make sure the most attractive signboard for your business, and only the top notch quality.

Process of Signboard making

Frequently asked questions

What Signage can Garrison Productions deliver?

We offer a wide range of signage from 3D signs, acrylic signs, neon signs to lightbox. We are well equipped with machines in our workshops and print rooms, where we guarantee quality and meeting your deadlines. Our sales representative will coordinate with you and the productions team closely and ensure quality before delivery.

How do you ensure quality with your products?

The duration of each sign really depends on the materials used and the complexity of the product. We strive our best to meet your expectations and timeline. A timeline will be given before any job confirmation. While some jobs may be ready within 48 hours, some other projects may take even longer time to complete.

How do you ensure quality with your products?

When it comes to ensuring the quality of products, our consultants create a plan to deliver products according to your specific requirements. We examine the environment that the sign will be located, and determine the best match of products. Our visual consultants continuously monitor and verify project quality throughout the design and production process.

How long will my sign last?

The expected lifetime of a sign depends on whether you place the sign indoor or outdoor. Fret no, we will recommend and use materials that is most suitable for the particular condition. Whether your sign needs to withstand the elements in an outdoor setting or needs to be located indoors, our sales consultants will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Do I need a permit?

It depends, sign ordinances vary by the location you want to display your signs. Building and Construction Authority (BCA) regulates the display of outdoor advertising sign and signboards. For more information you may click here.

Application of permit

Yes, we do provide BCA application service for your signage before starting any work. Once upon BCA approval, we will start fabrication.

Do you arrange the power supply?

No, we will provide the required illumination specified, however, you should look for a certified electrician to provide a plug or wire for the power supply.

Any proofs of my new signs provided before I decide to proceed?

Yes, of course, all artwork must be checked, approved, and signed off by the you before any fabrication. A super-imposed image of the signage will be done upon confirmation. Any amendments of the signs after confirmation, may incur additional cost.

Do you offer warranty?

We provide warranty upon delivery of the sign to be free of visual defects in materials and the craftsmanship. We do provide warranty on the 3rd party manufacturer products like the LED or the transformers used. However, some terms and conditions do apply, please contact us for more information.

Can I supply my own artwork?

Yes! Of course, we will really appreciate if you provide your own artwork. As we always say, every brand has it’s unique design, we don’t want to ruined it. Please submit us your artwork at

Do you have samples?

Yes, we do samples of your selected kind of signage. We will bring the sample during the meeting.

Can I supply my own artwork?

Yes! Of course, we will really appreciate if you provide your own artwork. As we always say, every brand has it’s unique design, we don’t want to ruined it. Please submit us your artwork at

Do you have samples?

Yes, we do samples of your selected kind of signage. We will bring the sample during the meeting.

Which factors will determine the price of the signage?

There are many factors that determine the price.

  1. The type of signage chosen and the size of the signage. Do take note, we do note quote any signage without an artwork or size. Do understand that the price greatly fluctuates by the size of the signage.
  2. Do you have an artwork? Yes, we do provide creating artwork service, but it will be chargeable. Cost for creating an artwork will depends on complexity of your design.
  3. Does your sign require BCA approval? If yes, an extra cost will be incurred for submission to the authorities. Some building signs may also require a Professional Engineer (PE) endorsement.
  4. Where will the sign be installed? Will there be additional equipment be involved during the installation? We do provide rental of scaffolding, boom lift or scissor lift from an approved 3rd party supplier.

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