Glass stickers

Start creating one, you never know when you are
creating a window of opportunity.

Window or glass stickers are commonly seen in malls, offices or even homes. Some stickers act as a privacy film or some even as an advertising tool for shopping retails and offices to market their products or services.
Stickers can be be different forms
1. Vinyl die cut
2. Printed
3. Frosted

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How can we beautify your glass panels?

Benefits of Glass Stickers

From increasing brand awareness, to building curiosity, and creating a unique store identity, window stickers are very versatile and affordable when it comes to marketing for retailers. Compared to wall stickers, glass stickers are the forefront of the shop, before anyone walks in. Having a very strong first impression should always be of utmost importance for any retailers seeking for new or old customers. These days, relying on a simple signboard is no longer useful in this competitive market.

If you are looking for a better way to attract passing crowds, look now further, Garrison Productions provides Glass Stickers printing & installation service, with window display options.

Brand awareness – As a retailer, the only way to attract customers into your shop is by having a very beautiful and attractive forefront. Distinctive, striking with bold colourings large window sticker prints are able to increase awareness of people walking by, even without the intend to purchase.

First impression – First impression counts! Before anyone step into your retail, they already have an over view of how your shop looks like, and they will decide if they want to walk in. Start by creating a large glass sticker on your window panels! It can also build curiosity of people walking past. The chance of them walking in is higher with advertisements.

Can be easily replaced – Windows stickers are not permanent. It can be easily removed without any stains and replaced with a new promotion when we move from season too season.

Creates consistency – Once you have a strong advertisement on your window display, it only make sense to have striking wall stickers inside the shop that matches the theme. Attractive sticker prints are able to catch the attention of the customer and bring up the atmosphere in the area.


die cut vinyl glass sticker

High tech commercial vinyl cutters are used to cut stickers into unique custom shapes.

full colour glass sticker print

Our products are printed in high resolution and size specifications as per your requirements.

Not only glass

Not only you can stick on glass, you can stick on walls, wardrobe, any flat surfaces.

weather resistant

Extremely high quality vinyl stickers are more durable and last longer under sunlight. Outdoor light span can last up to 5 years! Imagine if it's applied indoors.

Layout plan

For quick quotation, please provide us with the following information.

– Type of glass sticker.

  • Vinyl die cut
  • Fully printed
  • Frosted

– Dimension of glass, panel by panel.

– Stickers to be applied reversed or direct onto glass.

glass sticker


Absolutely no! Our stickers are easy on surfaces, especially on the glass.

We will usually recommend after we have done a site visit. 

Simply provide us with the size and the type of sticker you require.


For more of our works, please visit our facebook and instagram page for exclusive content and latest production updates.


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