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Print big! State of the art Wall Sticker prints

Do you have a wall that is plain and dull? Having the thoughts of replacing the standard Pantone paint to a a full customisable CMYK print on your wall and call it your feature wall?
Start transforming your empty space in your office or home with wall mural or wall sticker now!

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Best Wall Sticker Prints with Large Format Printers

At Garrison Productions, we offer fully customised wall mural or wall sticker prints printed from our large format printers.
Start creating an own wall of your own! Be it in work space or home, turn your plain piece of wall into something that provides art or a message.

How can wall murals benefit in your business?

  • They are eye catching! – With the size of a wall mural, it can attract anyone walking past your shop with the unique print that is going to send a message across.

  • Brings a message across – Other than your signage that is going to be the brand of your logo, wall murals actually sends message across to people. Be it a sale that is going on in your shop, or an unique identity that is going to represent your business.

  • Wall murals can boost revenues – Studies have shown that, comparing a piece of plan wall and a printed wall mural wall, people will tend to be more attracted to a piece of colourful wall compared to a piece of dull wall, as it boost their emotions, and these emotions drive sales into your business. Big and attractive wall murals tend to make people turn their head and want and make them want to purchase. 

  • Wall murals are suitable at any location – Not only in sales point of view, wall murals can also be placed in your room, it is going to speak a lot about yourself, it can be place in offices, in lifts or lift lobby.

Advantages of Wall Sticker at Garrison Productions

  • Installation service – We provide installation service at your door step, with no hassle, let us do the job!
  • Choose between removable wall stickers or permanent stickers – We will recommend the adhesive types that are suitable for different needs. 
  • Lamination – All our wall murals are protected with a piece of lamination, be it matte or glossy finish. These laminations are a piece of protective later that protects the ink from fading over time. 
  • Easy to clean – As spoken, with the laminations, these wall stickers are easy to be dealt with when it comes to cleaning. Simply use a piece of wet cloth and wipe it down.
  • 100% weather proof – Our sticker prints are all waterproof, and can withstand the Singapore heat under the sun.

Wall Mural Planning Layout

For quick quotation, please provide us with the following information.

  • Dimension of the wall. Accuracy to millimeters (mm)

    A (width) X B (height)

  • Choose either a full wall sticker or a vinyl die cut wall sticker.

Don’t know what is suitable for you? Let us know, designing services available.



Options to choose removable stickers are available.

All our stickers are protected with a laminate either matte or gloss surface.

We provide free installation for all our customers. Don’t worry, let the professionals do it for you. 

Simply measure the size of the wall and the area you need the wall sticker. No measuring tape? Whatapp us now! We will send our professionals over. 

Let us know where you will apply on, we will recommend the best sticker for application.

For more of our works, please visit our facebook and instagram page for exclusive content and latest production updates.

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