Portable, protective acrylic table shield.


Now only at $99 $69

This portable multifunctional sneeze guard protects the health of your employees, customers, and workers from germs that can spread easily across. It is easily installed and hassle-free cleaning with any kind of liquid disinfectant solutions.

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What can a Sneeze Guard do?

In many cases, Sneeze Guards are seen commonly now in offices, food centres, malls or any other reception counter. Is it useful? In the midst of this pandemic, it is highly recommend to keep yourself, employees and family safe – prevention is always better than cure.

No idea what is suitable?

Talk to us today, we will recommend the suitable types of guards with mounting solutions suitable for your workplace and business.
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600mm (W) x 600mm (H)

 $99 $69
  • 3mm crystal clear polished finish
  • Round cornered edges
  • Easy slot in with 2 acrylic base

900mm (W) x 600mm (H)

 $89 $79
  • 3mm thick crystal clear polished finish
  • Round cornered edges
  • Easy slot in with 2 acrylic base

1200mm (W) x 600mm (H)

 $139 $99
  • 3mm thick crystal clear polished finish
  • Round cornered edges
  • Easy slot in with 2 acrylic base


All the good stuff

Round edges

Round edges to prevent cuts.

5mm think acrylic

Quality crystal clear acrylic laser cut with polished edge to perfection.


Carry around easily. Change acrylic shield easily, with only 1 screw.

Fuss free cleaning

Easily wipe germs , bacteria or marker stains with sanitizers, water or soap.

easy installation

No screws installation. Easy slot in system.

the sturdy

Protective acrylic shields with the most sturdy base ever.

Aluminium alloy base

Solid aluminium alloy base, powder coated in silver, for professional look.

Sturdy base

Sturdy base, to prevent fall. Portable to carry around to different meeting rooms.

Customer reviews

Sneeze Guard Projects

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Sneeze Guard FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Sneeze guard is basically a piece of barrier, that is used to protect human to human contact from germs or diseases.

A piece of clear acrylic or plexiglass is often used due to its durability and it’s crystal clear finish.

Yes! In consideration of the current pandemic situation, sneeze guard is a necessity in offices, food stalls, meeting rooms, and the list goes on.

It is a precautionary measure to keep all employees and customers safe from covid’19 or other diseases.

If seated down, we will suggest 600mm in height, as it will cover an average Singaporean height.

It can also be customised to your preferred size.

Our sneeze guard can be clean with any sanitation solution. Water, soap, sanitisers, antiseptic wipes or alcohol wipes.

Yes! It can be customised to your preferred size and mounting solutions.

Yes! At Garrison, we are experience in large bulk orders with hassle free installation service.

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