Name card printing with lamination

  • Exclusive design by Garrison Productions.
  • High definition with HP latex original on Orajet stickers.
  • No residues after peeling off. 
  • Option to have removable stickers for walls.
  • Option to have matte or gloss lamination
  • Printing Fee
    A4 : $6 / each
    A3 : $9.50 / each
  • Text editing fee
    $5 per image, option to put company logo if needed.

Digital print

As we come to the end of circuit breaker (CB) and businesses start opening for operations, we would like to extend our services with regards to safe distancing measures & covid-19 prevention stickers.
As part of #SGSECURE, it is everyone’s responsibility to stop this pandemic with prevention signage. 
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuous support during this pandemic period.
Let us fight this together!
  • Ready made design safe distancing stickers.
  • 1 – 3 working days, depending on quantity.
  • 10% off, if you like and share our page on facebook. (link at top right corner)
  • Installation service available at $80 per trip.
  • Delivery fee at $15.
  • Free delivery for orders above $200.
large format printing

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Residential windows

In this post we will be talking about new or resale residential house windows in regards to privacy, in Singapore’s context.

By Garrison Productions

As you have known, houses in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller, due to the land constraint. This have caused houses to be closely built side by side. In the past, there are only 4 units in a single level. These days, a single level can consist of 8 units which is two times as compared to 20 years ago. Especially newly BTO houses that most young couples have experienced. For the past year, Garrison Productions have received more enquiries from home owners compared to offices.

The common issue –
“My kitchen window is so close to my neighbour’s kitchen, everyday she will look at what I am doing.”

BTO house owner

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