5 Benefits of Wall Murals

wall mural
Wall Mural projects by Garrison Productions

In this topic, we would like to share the benefits of having a wall mural, a beautiful piece of vinyl sticker print or your so called “feature wall”.
“A picture speaks a thousand words”, I believe this is an understatement that most people do not get it. Having to buy a new house, retail shop or office, where people usually hire a contractor to paint the wall to the certain Pantone colour of your choice. After which leaving it as it is for the next few years.
Why not make use of that wall to its full potential by beautifying it?
In marketing terms, “advertisement”! Yes, as simple as print a vinyl wall art that relays message to others.

I would really say that a vinyl wall art, or some call it the wall mural is definitely more worth it compared to a nicely painted wall.
A nicely painted wall is as nice as it is, which does not have any meaning to it, no doubt it is necessary to paint it, for the base colour of a certain space.
Why not make use of these walls to start advertising? Or for context of a room or in your house, a theme for your own room.
Do you believe a wall mural can change the layout of your whole room? No? Take a look below.

Do you believe a wall mural can change the layout of your whole room?
Take a look below.

Customised Frozen Wall Sticker installed at Sentosa Cove
wall mural
Customised Unicorn Wall Sticker installed at Sentosa Cove

Wall Murals are attractive

The print itself for a wall mural is 100% more attractive than your usual wall paper you are thinking to apply. The high quality CMYK print on a large format printer really makes the image pop and brings your room or workplace to life! It bring attentions to your customers, new or old, and your guest when they are at your place.


Wall murals are customisable! Comparing to the usual wallpapers or wall paints, which you usually see. It is either you choose the colour from the Pantone book or brochure with the selective few types of wall papers where we believe most people have. Start searching for a design, photo, picture that represents yourself or your company! 

It is very affordable

Comparing to painting, wall murals are way cheaper than painting the wall. It can be changed over time too. For a lesser amount of money, you are able to change the theme of your office or home to a theme of your liking.

Marketing tool

Wall murals are able to boost your revenue. Studies have shown that a colourful piece of wall can attract one’s attention, as it changes the emotional mindset of a person. And these emotions drive sales into your business. You can also display promotions or new season products printed on the wall mural itself, and drive customers into your shop. Making use of an empty wall that does not mean anything is important, spending a small cost to advertise your products and bring in more sales. It always start by making a statement. As statements are all unique to the company or store, these unique statements sets an impression about your brand or logo, it helps customers to identify your brand. 

Changes the work environment atmosphere

Have you walked into an office surrounded by 4 pieces of boring walls, with no inspirations. We see that all the time. With a hit of inspirational die cut power quotes, it may boost the work environment and boost the motivations of the employees. A picture speaks a thousand words.

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