Importance of Sneeze Guards

Importance of Sneeze Guards​
Sneeze Guard installed @ IAM Advisory group conference room

As we are at the recovery stage of the pandemic, with improvement of lower community cases throughout the weeks. Retails have started operations with of course preventive measures of 1m safe distancing.

It is very common sight now to see people scanning their QR codes when they enter the mall or any enclosed facilities or building and having their temperatures checked from one shop to another. Safe distancing stickers can be seen placed on the floors, to constantly remind people of the preventive measures to stay 1m distance. 

Safe distancing ambassadors are also hired by the Government. 

To add on, acrylic sneeze guards are installed at receptions, dining area, offices, basically anywhere with any close contact situation.

Are Sneeze Guards required?

Yes of course! It is a preventive measure for any bacterias or germs from spreading. 
As per Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in the Parliament on 02 September 2020, 
“Singapore has done well in the fight against COVID-19 and stabilised the situation, but it must learn from its errors and do better next time.” 
We as business owners must do our part to fight COVID-19 and prevent it to spread like wildfire, as it is not only beneficial for the country and economy, but also beneficial for everyone’s health and safety.

Importance of Sneeze Guards​
Sneeze Guard installed @ Mitsui Bussan Commodities trading office

Customised Sneeze Guard

At Garrison Productions, we are able to customise your sneeze guards in any size or any mounting solutions possible. Be it you want to have it on the floor, that can be moved with wheels, or you have a height adjustable table, and you requires clamp mounting solutions. Let us know your requirements, we will be able to assist you, and suggest the best solution. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out our page for ready made sizes, which are suitable for most standard size tables.

Importance of Sneeze Guards​
Sneeze Guard installed @ Mitsui Bussan Commodities trading office

Attributes of Sneeze Guards @ Garrison Productions

Polished edge

All our acrylic sneeze guards are laser cut and polished, so that it will look crystal clear and shiny.

Depending on the size of the sneeze guard, we will recommend a suitable thickness to the acrylic to prevent it from falling or breaking easily.

Our sneeze guards are designed to be portable, and at the same time, easy to install when carrying it around.

Cleaning solutions
Our sneeze guard can be clean with any sanitation solution. Water, soap, sanitisers, antiseptic wipes or alcohol wipes.

It can be customised in any size. We are well equipped with laser cutting machines to customise in any size or shapes. 
We’re continuously developing a wide range of mounting solutions for our sneeze guards. 
To check out more of works, please visit our page!

The question is, “Is your work environment ready to fight COVID?”
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