Safe distancing stickers

safe distancing stickers
Safe distancing stickers at Fushionopolis, Singapore, by Garrison Productions

As Singapore enters phase 1 of re-opening after two months circuit breaker, enforced movement restrictions, it will be a challenge to keep distance from one another especially for company employees, students, public transport, food chain and …etc…

Is your business ready to reopen? Social distancing rules have greatly affected our daily lives and the world we live in. “Social Distancing” has been attached in our new Corona virus jargon and these measures will be with us for quite a while so it’s essential to practice keeping a safe distance between ourselves and others. While it’s safe for those individuals who can work from home, or can’t leave their homes, it’s also important that the key workers and other essential front-line workers must keep themselves safe in other ways.

Safe distancing stickers

No matter which type of business you own, these stickers can be used to promote safe distancing and create a positive impact on the health and safety of your community. Our stickers are extremely durable which can be applied both indoors and outdoors — for example, inside the elevator or outside on the sidewalk — to create safe-distancing queues. Our decals can be used with the standard design or customised according to your preference and add your brand logo.

We have a range of COVID-19 Safe distancing stickers and a variety of designs to suit all surfaces such as floor graphics, safety signs, posters and more available to enhance your staff and customers’ protection.

Disadvantages of "temporary" stickers

safe distancing stickers
Temporary tapes that are not advised, as they drop off easily

For many, they may think it is only temporary, therefore they use conventional ways to make a demarkation. Conventional ways work too, but definitely looks unprofessional in an office. Imagine if you have clients coming in and see that on the floor. And most importantly, these so called “stickers” you stick on the floor, are not even lasting! They are not waterproof, the adhesive is not strong enough, it peels off after a day or two, it has no protective laminates, and the list goes on.

Advantages of our sticker prints

Here’s the following quality attributes:

All of our floor decals are secured with an anti-slip coating

All our stickers are laminated, you can choose from matte laminate, which is commonly used or anti slip, floor and gloss laminate.

Easy To Peel
Also known as removable stickers, no more struggles with rough edges while removing your sticker from the sticker sheet. For a seamless and non-time consuming experience, all our custom stickers are kiss cut making them much easier to peel.

Safe Removal
Despite these stickers are adhesively strong, these won’t damage the surfaces while removing. No special equipment needed, and any remaining residue can be cleansed with detergent and water.

Applicable to Different Types of Area
Our stickers can be applied to a variety of surfaces like tile, wooden planks, vinyl, laminate, glass, concrete and walls.

Can Be Personalised
Keep your clients and staffs informed by marking your areas with personalised printed graphics. For any type of business especially restaurants or retail stores, these can be used inside or outside in order to regulate long queues or assist the actions of social distancing effectively.

We’re continuously developing a wide range of social distancing products with protective and preventative tools to maintain a safe environment for you and your surroundings – so check our website out from time to time for new updates!

By encouraging your customers and staff to practice safe distancing, they will feel safer and more valuable to your organization.

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